Clinical Hub

The Clinical Hub consists of experts in clinical research and plays a key role in identifying the cohorts and digital biomarkers relevant to the project. This hub is responsible for engaging with existing research cohorts to drive the application and validation of the EDoN digital toolkit through prospective data collection. Additionally, the role of this hub is to support other hubs by providing advice on areas such as cognition, neuroimaging, fluid-based biomarkers and health records.


Dr Zuzana Walker

Prof Zuzana Walker

Professor of Psychiatry of the Elderly
University College London


Dr David Llewellyn

Prof David Llewellyn

Professor of Neuroepidemiology and Digital Health
University of Exeter & The Alan Turing Institute



Sharandeep Bhogal

Trial Manager
University College London


Dr Nicholas Bass

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist
University College London

Michael Burkhart

Dr Michael Burkhart

Research Associate
University of Cambridge


Dr Leonidas Chouliaras

Consultant psychiatrist and Research Fellow
University of Cambridge

Dr Zoe Kourtzi

Prof Zoe Kourtzi

Professor of Experimental Psychology and Deputy Head of Research
University of Cambridge & The Alan Turing Institute

Liz Lee

Dr Liz Lee

Research Associate
University of Cambridge

Carol - use

Dr Carol Routledge

Chief Scientific and Medical Officer
Small Pharma

Tim Whitfield

Tim Whitfield

Trial Manager/ Research Felllow
University College London


Kieran Wing

Clinical Hub Coordinator
University College London