organisation 2

The organisational structure of the EDoN initiative is composed of Operational Groups, a Board, and an Advisory Board. The Operational Groups include three Hubs, the Steering Committee and the Coordination Team.

These groups work closely together to ensure that the project is implemented in an organised, well thought-out manner and produces outputs of the highest quality.

EDoN Board

The Board oversees the project, approves the project strategy and plans, and ensures that the provided funding is spent wisely.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides technical and scientific advice on the strategy and implementation plans of the project.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee decides on the priorities of the project and manages its general course.

Coordination Team

The Coordination Team leads on project governance and management activities and engage with different stakeholders.

Digital Hub

The Digital Hub is responsible for selecting, improving and integrating the technologies that will form the basis of the early detection tool.

Clinical Hub

The Clinical Hub works with existing research studies to support the collection of data from study participants using the selected digital tools.

Analytics Hub

The Analytics Hub is focused on running the analyses that will allow us to make sense of the data collected in the project.